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Key features

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You have a cell but you’ll need a SIM card, but which one? Canadian SIM card, of course! You can have it in your pocket on landing at the airport!

Now that you have the sim Let’s say hello to the world in seconds

Get a sim card from CanadianSim. We’ll even throw in the maple syrup and hockey stick if you need.

Exactly what it sounds like. We are here for you till the time you are here with us. No strings attached

Why Us..?

The Best partner to Reach Fluency

To provide Canadian bound students with a Canadian SIM card that is reliable, easily attainable, packed with value, affordable and most importantly ready to use the moment they land.


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Nature Friendly

Exclusive Student Plan

CIAO To Your Roaming Bill


4GB / MO

$15 / MO

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